I think cattle are in my genes.

My maternal grandfather was a cattle farmer in West Suffolk with summer grazing both on the River Wissey & Haddiscoe Marshes and as a child I spent many hours driving around the Norfolk countryside checking his stock with him. After the family farm was sold in 1980 the possibility of me having my own herd became a pipe dream. That is until now. Having reached my fifties it is clear that I am never going to be a millionaire but I think I can afford to have a few cows, so have been looking at the options.

At the Norfolk Show this year we bought a couple of in calf cows from The Langley End herd of Dexters on the basis that as we have no buildings & at the time no specialist handling equipment they would be a low input investment. We have since discovered that they the Jack Russells of the cattle world, very bright & naughty so it has been an expensive couple of months! Our first steer calf was born on September 3rd & has made it all worthwhile.

There is a debate going on in The Simonds household as to how large the herd will be eventually, Sarah is less ambitious than me but as I started off with two gilts & now have twelve hundred pigs & three ewes that are now two hundred I think you can guess where this is going!