For the butchers amongst you, some technical bits………. In order to ensure that Scotts Field rare breed pork is suited to the modern palate we cross our sows with a commercial duroc boar. We find this this produces a slighter leaner carcass with a probe of about 15 mm without loss of intramuscular fat. Our pigs are taken to slaughter at our nearest commercial abbatoir, Blakes of of Costessey for slaughter and carcasses can either be delivered directly to you from there or cut prior to delivery.

The meat from large black pigs is ideal for curing as well as producing fantastic roasting joints and sausages. We are slowly increasing the size of the herd and are looking for butchers with whom we can place additional pigs that will be produced.

Our pork is distributed throughout East Anglia by Bramfield Meats of Halesworth in Suffolk.  If you would like more information about retailing Scotts Field Pork please call Charlie Mills on 01986 784222.  He can also be contacted by email at

For those of you who are based in London & The Home Counties please contact George Blackwell of The Rare Breed Meat Company on 01376 561504 or by email at

We strongly encourage farm vists by all potential stockists so that provence is ensured by both parties! If you would like to come & see what we are up to here in Oxborough please contact us at

Finally, if you want to grow your own…..we usually have a supply of pure bred Large Black weaners as well as crosses. We can also supply Welsh crosses.

…..They keep coming back for more……..K W CLarke – Bramfield

” My customers are asking for the large black pork more and more  – they  are obvioulsy talking amongst themselves because I havent had a chance to advertise the fact that we are using Scotts Field Pork yet!……” Keith Charlish, The Paddocks Butchery , January 2012